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DVD Link-CLICK ON ANY OF THE PICTURES TO GET TO THE SHOPPING PAGES YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR. This is the DVD page on Anime Castle. It contains all DVDs there are possible for American merchandising on Cowboy Bebop. In Specific, it has the 6 DVD limited edition box set, seperate session 1-6 DVDs, and the Best Sessions.

CB Lineup-VHS Box Set Cover This is for all you VHS users. It's for old school, but it's still all good. It has Cowboy Bebop VHS everything! Enjoy:)

The Jazz Messengers' Music Here is what I am talking about! The soundtracks are one of my favorite parts of the show. Here they all are neatly displayed and ready to purchase!

What better poster than the Halloween movie poster? Posters! What else do I have to say? Cowboy Bebop posters are all magnificent, not to mention the wallscrolls in the next link.

Good Wallscroll. Wallscrolls, the beautiful cloth colored poster-like pictures from Cowboy Bebop. They are my preference to posters. I own one of my own and will soon own many.

It may not be Cowboy Bebop, but it's an imported book. Imported books are still great if you can't read Japanese, but they're even greater if you can! I wish I could, I hope you enjoy drooling over the wonderful pictures and dreaming of the day you study Japanese in college(like me!).

Graphic Novels are fun... Next on my list is Graphic Novels. I heard they were great and I am slowly reading all of them at Border's Books. You make your decision, check them out.

Apparel, what more could you wish for? Although it is sold out most of the time, apparel is one of my favorite things I'ld like to own of Cowboy Bebop. I hope you get to, too.

Oops is right. Capsule Toys. Not sure if anyone collects those, I know I don't. But I also know that some people get a kick out of them. So knock yourselves out.

This is what smoking does to you. Do you want this? The last thing I can put is this Zippo Lighter. There is so much more on Anime Castle that I just can't fit it all on my site right now. Checkout there site at They have action figures and model kits, statues, trading and playing cards, a PS one import game, a pin, and last but not least(well, maybe) a pencil board. So check that out!